The 7 Deadly Sins of Selling Your Home

The 7 Deadly Sins of Selling Your Home

I came across this article written by a local Remax agent, and I think that it is spot on! Sometimes something that would be a fairly inexpensive fix could keep your home from selling or cost you much more in redecorating allowances or price concessions at the closing table! Address these issues up front, before your home hits the market! Other items that I would add to the list would be to replace outdated light fixtures, mirrors, and bathroom hardware. Read the article below and consult your realtor for an objective opinion!

Avoid these seven mistakes that can kill your deal!

1. Bright or taste specific paint:

Bright and taste specific paint can be one of the easiest and cheapest fixes a seller can make to appeal to the majority of buyers. Bright or even too dark of paint can often steer away buyers from a particular home. When listing your home for sale, choose neutral modern colors that will appeal to a wider range of buyers. (Think move in ready!)

2. Carpet

Carpet can be a HUGE turnoff for buyers. Carpet, as we know, traps dirt, pet hair, odors, and is easily stained. If you can afford to replace the carpet, choose a neutral tile, wood, or vinyl. Refer to #7 to avoid another sin! If you can't afford to replace the carpet, have it professionally cleaned and stretched if need be.

3. Outdated Furniture

Outdated furniture can make a home feel....outdated! Don't give off the impression to the buyers that your property will need to be updated just by the looks of your furniture. Sometimes it might be more beneficial to sell your home vacant. If the property is occupied, consider staging it.

4. Dark, Dreary Rooms & Spaces

Buyers LOVE natural light. Unfortunately, not all homes have the ability to bring in sunlight and give off that "open, airy feeling." This can be fixed by just adding more lamps, light kits to the ceiling fans, or opening the blinds and window treatments. Installing recessed lighting is a great idea if it is in your budget. Make sure all burned out light bulbs are replaced.

5. Cluttered, Dirty Rooms

When your home is on the market, make sure it is clean, clean, clean! Pack away all the unnecessary items/decor so, your home will feel larger and there are fewer distractions. Have your home professionally deep cleaned, including cleaning the inside of your appliances. Yes, buyers do peek into your refrigerator, stove and even your closets so, be sure to keep everything clean and tidy! Take down your personal photos. Buyers have a tendency to look at you instead of your house. Remember, no distractions!

6. Odors

You do not want buyers to walk two feet into your home only for them to turn around and walk out due to a "smell." Buyers' noses are stronger than beagle when it comes to buying a home. Smoke is the #1 deal killer among smells. Pet odors, food, even musty smells can turn off a buyer within seconds. Also, strong scented candles can give off the impression that you are trying to cover up an odor. The best smelling house is a clean one!

7. Mix-matched Flooring

Your flooring should flow from one room to the next. For example: If two rooms have two different styles or color of tiles that are adjacent to each other, this could be a deal killer. An easy fix is a transition piece that incorporates both tiles. If you can afford to install that same flooring in the main areas of the home, then consider getting quotes.

Tile against wood = Acceptable Tile or wood against carpet = Acceptable Two different tiles or two different wood floorings against each other= BAD!

Written by; Gloria Sims Crump, Member of Leadership Council of ACRE, Kelly McCracken, and Katie Meadows of The Coastal Leaders.

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